【2020Hualien Pacific Ocean Lantern Festival】

The Lucky Chipmunk will guide you on an adventure of the Hualien Lantern Festival. The wealth of natural and cultural elements in Hualien are incorporated into the designs to show off the beautiful mountains, water and starry sky of Hualien!

★ Event date:1/18 (Sat)-2/16 (Sun) Closed on New Year's Eve
★ Event Location:Dongdamen Lantern Area、Liyu Lake Exhibition Area

● Dongdamen Lantern Area

● Show time18:00-22:00
※ Chipmunk VIP Year of Luck theme Lantern Show
The main 16-meter tall zodiac theme lantern is shaped like an adorable chipmunk. Combined the specialty of Hualien with all kinds of technological sound and light effects to create the Lucky Chipmunk icon.
*Performances (3 minutes per show)18:00、18:30、19:00、19:30、 20:00、20:30、21:00、21:30

※ Adventures of the Chipmunk
The Adventures of the Chipmunk is designed for the stage. A combination of real and virtual dynamic scenes are integrated with hundreds of images of  Hualien. Water, light, video and audio technologies are combined into a stunning feast of sound and light performances. An extra aboriginal music and dances show are performed during the weekend holiday.(Actual show times are based on website announcements.)
*Performances (5 minutes per show):18:15、18:45、19:15、19:45、 20:15、20:45、21:15、21:45

※ Blessed Fields of Hualien Lantern Area
Like a big tree, Hualien nourishes life and shelters a multitude of creatures. The Blessed Fields of Hualien lantern is adorned to portray the Tree of Life so that visitors can see the beauty of Hualien and cherish the land.

※ Echoes of Hualien Lantern Area
Natural materials and lighting technology are layered to create an overlapping circular space. A metaphor describing Hualien's landscape of surrounding mountains and meeting of streams of waves, it is like a beautiful movement in the symphony of wind, water and mountains.

※ Rich Joy of Fishing Lantern Area
Elements of nature are used to create an installation art representing the symbiosis between humans and fish. The creation expresses the living heritage of fishermen and conveys the concept of natural resources conservation.

※ Beauty in the Aboriginal Lantern Area
A unigue features of aboriginal totems are used to create glazed lanterns it represent courage, good fortune, health, luck and happiness to evertone ,aborigiral totems show the beauty of totem culture.

※Chipmunk Party Interactive Area
The interactive game area combines piano music and lights so that while playing in the colorful changing lights, children are also immersed in the beautiful strains of music.

※ Be zOur Guest Hakka Culture Lantern Area
The Hakka people is warm and hospitable. Visitors are welcomed to relax on colorful luminous chairs in various shapes, and enjoy the lanterns displaying icons of unique Hakka martial arts. Festive lanterns madeup of flora cloth are surrounded visitors with a rich  festive aura.

● Liyu Lake

●Show time 09:30-17:30
※ Muscovy Duck Family
The impossibly adorable Muscovy Duck Family is back. The 15-meter tall Happy Muscovy Duck leads its family of cute ducklings to welcome the chinese New Year with everyone.

※ Interactive Column Fountain
The 60-meter tall interactive column fountain is voice-controlled. The more spirited visitors shout out their New Year wishes, the higher the column of water!

※ Ducky Photo Area
To welcome 2020 Hualien Sports for All, the duck prop decked out in sports outfit makes it fun and easy for visitors to take pictures and share them with family and friends!