Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate

Just as the carp-dragon (aoyu) stands out among fish, Hualien is unique in Taiwan due to its abundance of natural and cultural treasures. Its rich culture and history make it Taiwan’s pearl in the east. The lantern festival uses the dragon gate to present a carp-dragon in mid-leap, integrated with calligraphic text. It transforms the texture of Hualien’s movement and stillness, cultivating the lofty demeanor of dragons in clouds playing with pearls, and setting a tone as high as the dragon-head throne to welcome the new year in 2024—the Year of the Dragon!
Designed with the carp-dragon as its creative core, the Hualien Pacific Lantern Festival is entirely unique. The carp-dragon alludes to a carp transforming into a dragon. Like the dragon-headed carp, Hualien has set itself “ahead” of the pack with its abundant natural and cultural treasures. Furthermore, the carp-dragon references the idea of “leaping over the dragon gate” to achieve glory, and integrates this 

Dragons in Clouds Playing with Pearls

“A gold dragon with clouds is skillfully carved, thin layers cut with unrivaled skill.”  The ivory ball carving techniques seen in the Palace Museum’s collection are used to interpret Hualien’s abundant cultural resources. Multiple layers are stacked to reveal “the unfolding layers of Hualien and the unfolding layers of the Year of the Dragon.”

Artwork Description 1: Main Lantern Show- Dragons in Clouds Playing with Pearls
Dragons in Clouds Playing with Pearls is the event’s main light show. With a ring structure 15m high, this 3D water, sound, and light show is the finest in Taiwan! Planned by the team led by the Hualien-born curator Kun-Ying Lin, this light display utilizes 3D animation technology to mimic the ivory ball carvings in the National Palace Museum’s collection. Combining water curtain, lasers, and animation, the show reveals “the unfolding layers of Hualien and the unfolding layers of the Year of the Dragon”, highlighting Hualien’s unique local attributes and deep cultural heritage.

Artwork Description 2: Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate
Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate was created by master designer Chun-Liang Chen. This work alludes to the legend of a carp that leapt higher than any other and transformed into a dragon. Like the remarkable carp, Hualien stands out in Taiwan due to its abundance of natural and cultural treasures, making it the pearl in the east. The lighting design is combined with a “favored by heaven and leaping dragon gate” backdrop to welcome visitors, and the carp-dragon is posed against the gate in mid-leap to welcome the new year in 2024—the Year of the Dragon!

Artwork Description 3: Ten Thousand Lucky Lanterns
Children from 21 local elementary schools in Hualien—most of whom were born in the Year of the Dragon—painted 1500 lanterns to create the body of a dragon, while lights form the outline of its head and tail. It appears as though the dragon is carrying the children’s dreams and wishes, and it represents an even greater wish: that the children’s creativity gathered in the night sky can showcase their boundless potential!
Artwork Description 4: Colored Lanterns Shining Luck Interactive Area
Multimedia interactive technology is meticulously applied to create a Year of the Dragon peace and blessings wall. Enter the area using your mobile phone, edit the text of your blessing and your beautiful image, then share it on the lantern festival-themed LED video wall. This exhibit allows all visitors to view their own wonderful moments at the appealing Hualien Pacific Ocean Lantern Festival and leave behind a lasting memory.

Artwork Description 5:
Seasonal Dragons
Inspired by the changing seasons, four lanterns with distinct shapes and colors are presented, displaying the unique characteristics of each season in Hualien and creating a vivid image of the alternating seasons. This work serves as a tribute to natural cycles and seasonal changes.

Four Stages of the Carp-Dragon
This work shows the four stages of a carp metamorphosizing into a dragon. These four stages represent the process of growth throughout life and the magnificence of transformation, echoing the Hualien Pacific Ocean Lantern Festival’s respect for the vitality of life and the inheritance of history.
Work Description 6: Collaborating Lantern Sites
Businessmen from Hualien’s famed local tourism industry and souvenir industry have been invited to participate in this festive occasion. These lantern displays showcase each company’s unique characteristics and history, giving lantern festival guests a chance to experience the diversity and originality of Hualien’s local industries.

Artwork Description 7: Dragon Scale Fireworks Corridor
Dragon scales are created from vividly colored, magnificent, lustrous sequins and cleverly arranged to reveal the winding shape of a dragon’s body. Working in concert with the “favored by heaven and leaping dragon gate” at the welcome entrance, it reinforces the image of the carp-dragon “entering a dragon’s body”. Within the dragon scale outlines, at night, the lighting design reveals an incredibly dynamic dragon scale curve, and dragon and carp totems are projected on the ground to create a rich and colorful scene.

Artwork Description 8: Radiant Dragon Balls and Auspicious Clouds
The design of Radiant Dragon Balls and Auspicious Clouds merges multiple elements traditionally associated with dragons. Each sphere resembles a precious dragon ball, and lights are skillfully applied to draw the outline of a dragon’s claws. It represents a wish that in the Year of the Dragon, we should all be as fortunate and delighted as a soaring dragon carrying dragon balls. The imagery is completed with the addition of auspicious clouds, conveying the auspicious atmosphere of the Year of the Dragon.

Lantern Festival performance schedule
Main lighting show time of Yunlong Xizhu Technology:
Every day from 18:00 to 21:30, one show every half hour, each session takes about 4 minutes

Fireworks show:
During the opening, closing, Chinese New Year (except New Year's Eve), and national holidays and regular holidays after the New Year, it will be released after the main light show ends at 20:30 in the evening. It will be released at the opening party on 2/3 and the Lantern Festival on 2/24 in conjunction with the activities of the day.
Release date: 2/3, 2/10~14, 2/17, 2/18, 2/24, 2/25, 2/28, 3/2~3/4

Interactive performance:
Performed at Ocean Theater on national holidays (except New Year's Eve) and regular holidays, twice daily at 19:15 and 20:15, each performance lasts about 15 minutes

Transportation to 
Pacific Ocean Park South Shore (Nanbin)

City buses
United Highway Bus
308 Hualien Bus Station → Dongdamen Night Market
308A Hualien Bus Station → Dongdamen Night Market

Capital Bus/Taipei Bus
307 Hualien Bus Station → Dongdamen Night Market (Start travel Feb 19)

301 Hualien Bus Station → Nanbin Park

By taxi
Exit from the front entrance of Hualien Railway Station and take a taxi to the venue from the taxi stand on the right side of the station exit (Around NT$200 based on the fare meter).  

Please park the car at either the Dongdamen Parking Lot (paid) on Chongqing Road, the parking lot on Wuquan Street (paid), the parking lot on Sanmin Street (paid), the parking lot at the intersection of Fuding Road and Fujian Street (paid), the parking lot on Mingli Road (paid), parking spaces on Ziyou Street (paid), Heping Rd. Parking Lot (paid), Nanbin Rd. Parking Lot (paid)、 the Hua’gangshan Parking Lot, and along the roadside on Beibin Road, and walk to the venue (Please check the official website for more information about parking).

Long-distance buses
Hualien Bus
1141 Taichung (Li Shan)
 → Hualien

United Highway Bus
1132 Chengde → Hualien
1136 Xiulin → Hualien
1139 Shoufeng → Hualien
1129 Taroko → Hualien
1133 Tienhsiang → Hualien

Please get off at Hualien Railway Station if taking the train, and then transfer to the city or highway bus.

Highway buses
Taipei Bus 1071: Nangang Bus Station → Hualien Bus Station
United Highway Bus 1663: Nangang Bus Station → Hualien Bus Station
Capital Bus 1580: Banqiao Bus Station → Hualien Bus Station

Domestic flights
Taipei Songshan Airport → Hualien about 50 minutes
For more information about flights, please call: UNI AIR at 02-2508-6999
Taichung → Hualien: approx. 60 minutes
Kaohsiung → Hualien: approx. 65 minutes
Flight Information: Mandarin Airlines 02-412-8008

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